Dry type transformer

Application: The dry type transformer is an extremely important equipment in power system, mainly used in the places with high fire-proof and safety requirements, such as the power distribution in communities of the State Power Grid, factory & mining enterprises, hospitals, cloud computing centers, urban railway system, subway, light rail projects and new-energy power generation projects.

Features: The insulation material of dry type transformer are nonflammable material which will avoid fire or explosion risks caused by fault or other reasons. Dry type transformer can be installed in load center.Easy for maintenance and check with high operation reliability.High-voltage part is integrally casted and low-voltage foil structure is with good ampere-turns distribution.Strong anti-short circuit ability.Low losses, low temperature rise, low partial discharge, low noise etc.

Products Range:
SC (B) serials power distribution transformers with 30~4000kVA in 35kV and below;
SCZ (B) serials OLTC power distribution transformers with 315~4000kVA in 35kV and below;
SC serials new energy step up power transformers with 630~20000kVA in 35kV and below;
ZQSC serials tracking rectifier transformer with 800~3300kVA/10kV;
ZQSC serials with 1600~4400kVA / 35kV