Communication Power Supply

With years of professional experience in researching, developing and producing intelligent switching power supply system, Shandong Taikai Prefabricated Substation Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called the company for short) designs and produces high-tech products in accordance with the standards of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Department and in combination with the domestic power supply status and application requirements. The product series contain complete capacity and a variety of installation methods. When equipped with batteries, it forms an uninterrupted DC power supply system, which can be used in fixed network communication, mobile communication, power, railway, military, national security, radio and television, transportation, petroleum, water conservancy, Banks and other places requiring DC power supply.

Considering a micro base station construction scene including residential area, commercial centers, underground parking lot, park plaza, The company has designed the whole scene applicable Integrated photo-electric box. This product integrates the traditional AC distribution box and optical fiber distribution box which not only effectively solves the equipment construction requirement of micro base station, but also meets the demand of beautification.