Smart Grid

As early as 2005, Shandong Taikai Prefabricated Substation Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called the company for short) began to focus on the research, development and manufacturing of smart power distribution network technology and related products. The company can provide 110kV and below intelligent power distribution products, effectively helping power grid ensure the continuity of production and living power consumption, and greatly reducing power supply failure rate and power supply loss.

Under the spring tide of low carbon economy, The company undertakes the task of providing related equipment for energy-saving type power grid. It is committed to manufacturing of low loss and energy-saving S11 / S13 series of oil-immersed transformer, amorphous alloy transformer series SH15, SCB10 series epoxy resin casting dry-type transformer, American & European type prefabricated substation with voltage 110 kv and below, low-voltage complete switching equipment, low-voltage integrated measuring and distribution cabinet. Taikai staff make use of advanced electromagnetic calculation theory, automatic numerical control iron core processing production line and step by step iron core process to make the product with more energy efficiency, stable performance and lower noise level. Reliable product quality guarantees the safe operation of transformers in various fields of urban and rural power grid construction, and the company becomes the main product supplier of power grid companies. Various products are exported to more than a dozen countries and regions in Asia and Africa.

35kV power transformation station project located in Kenli County Dongying, China