Terminal Distribution

Shandong Taikai Prefabricated Substation Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called the company for short) pays close attention to enterprise terminal power distribution and designs product completely in the user's point of view. According to the technical requirements of the user using conditions and related national standard, the company designs S11 / S13 series of oil-immersed transformer, SH15 series amorphous alloy transformer, SCB10 series epoxy resin casting dry-type transformer and low-voltage complete switch equipment with low loss and energy conservation.

Taikai XBW series prefabricated substation, prefabricated type switching station, ZGS, ZFS series combined transformers with its features such as complete set, beautiful appearance and high intelligent degree, have been favored by electric power terminal users. With features such as -40 ℃ low temperature resistance, protection grade up to IP54 and the advantages of the stable performance, above series products are widely used in steel, petroleum, chemical industry, environmental protection, textile and other fields. Products are safe, reliable and efficient which provide excellent service for all walks of life.

Angola's Luanda Province Electrification Project