Oil-immersed transformer

Application:The product is widely used in 10~35kV power system. It can directly supply and distribute power to end users. It mainly used in rural and towns, oil fields, cities, factories etc. power distribution projects.

Features:The product is characterized by high reliability, strong short circuit resistance, good insulation performance, low losses, low noise, low temperature rise and long life time. It can fully meet the high requirement on quality of power supply and maintenance free in industry.

Range: S11~S14 type oil-immersed power distribution transformers; SH15 type amorphous alloy core power distribution transformers; S13-MRL type tridimensional toroidal-core power distribution transformers; S13-M.ZT type capacity and voltage regulation transformers; S13-M (F) type high overload power distribution transformers; 35kV power transformers.