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Considerate Care, Adequate Guarantee
--Record of Annual Physical Examination of Special Jobs
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The annual physical examination of special jobs has been conducting since Jul. 27th, 2018. After examination by Tai’an Occupational Disease Hospital which is the Branch of Tai’an Center Hospital, all staff passed examination and no occupational disease happened which lays adequate guarantee on the normal operation of our company.

Truth shall be supported by data and examination documents. Shandong Taikai Prefabricated Substation Co., Ltd. has always put healthy of all staff in the first position. Annual cost of labor protection materials is more than 500,000 Yuan RMB. The company also actively improve the working environment and process under the direction of the industry standards. According to different characteristics of eEnterprise, the company builds the team continuously, strengthens professional level of staffs and improves the regulations of first-line staff labor protection management. Through site inspection, safety supervision and kinds of methods, occupational injury caused by environmental factors is effectively controlled and occupational disease protection & control ability is improved.

Presently, according to national statistics , injuries caused by environmental factors are not lower than those caused by mechanical factors. So reducing occupational disease and pushing safety culture development are common responsibly of all staff and they are also important sign for the company entering into much normative management phase.