Product Details

The basic structure of the cabinet is composed of C type steel assembly. C type steel is formed by bending a steel plate with a module mounting hole of E=25mm/E=20mm (GCS). All cabinet shelves and internal partitions are galvanized. The door panels and side panels are coated with epoxy polyester powder.

Technical features:

1. High breaking capacity, good dynamic and thermal stability, flexible electrical solutions, convenient combination, strong seriation &practicability, innovative structure and high protection grade.

2. Multiple wiring in-coming type: There are upper, lower side and  left, middle, right and rear of the top of the cabinet for wiring in-coming to meet the requirements of different lines in-coming type in various projects.

3. Compact design:  Relative small space can accommodate more functional units.

4. Strong structural versatility and flexible assembly: standard modulus profiles can meet the requirements of various structural types, protection levels and operating environment.

5. Standard module design: product can configure standard unit of protection, operation, conversion, control, regulation, measurement and indication.

6. Safety: a large number of high-strength flame retardant engineering plastic components are adopted to effectively strengthen protection and improve safety performance.

7. High technical performance: the main parameters has reached the contemporary international technical level.

8. Saving spaces: It can greatly compress the storage and transportation of prefabricated parts.

9. Easy assembly: no special and complex tools are required.